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Locomotive Tyre Turning Manufacturers In India

Wheels Turning by CNC Machine on Spot Locomotive/Wagon

Rail Associates Enterprises, multi-decade experience in the Production of Locomotive Tyre Turning Manufacturer in India. Rail ASSO is Leading Locomotive Tyre Turning Supplier in India and Overseas Companies. (Operationalized in 1995) is one of the oldest such units in India Who is Exporting Locomotive Tyre Turning in India, We are supplying Locomotive Tyre Turning in India. The Rail ASSO specializes in the sale of Locomotive Tyre Turning distribution in India.

1. No Need to remove Axle-wheels out from Locomotive / Wagon.
2. Accurate Profile of wheels through CNC Controlled System.
3. To Remove Flat spots, High flanges and worn tread of Locomotive wheels / Wagon wheels.
4. Turns wheels symmetrical as per RDSO Tolerances.
5. Superior Finish & Less Down Time.

We are equipped with CNC Wheel Turing Machine (Made in USA) for tyre turning of Locomotive as well as Carriage & Wagons.
We will provide facilities of Tyre Turning in-situ, which will save time, due to time loss in transit of locomotive from site to actual available M/C at Railway Shed / Workshop where as Rly does not permit sharp flange/spotled flange on the Rly Track.

This will also save haulage charges of locomotive from site to actual available M/C at Shed/Workshop of Railways.
CNC Wheel Turing Machine have done tyre turning of locomotive in-situ as per RDSO specification.
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